On the road…

By the time you read this, I’ll either be on my way from Cleveland, OH to Nashville, TN or have already arrived at Hypericon 5.  To read the background of me attending this event, click here.

As I previously mentioned, even though I won’t be an ‘author guest’ at the event, I’ll still be attending the event as a  fan – where it all started, anyway. 

If you’ll be in the area, I highly suggest you come down and check out the convention.  There will be quite a few ‘big name’ authors, dealers and just some downright good times going on – which should last late into the night at a bar or two.  If you do come to the event, feel free to bring a copy of Night School and I will be more than happy to sign it for you.  I’ll be easy enough to spot as I’ll be wearing one of the Night School T-Shirts (which are also available for purchase at the Storefront) on Friday and Saturday during the days when I am wandering around the convention.  I’ll also bring along (which will be kept in my hotel room) the Night School Knife, if you’re interested in checking it out in person.

As you might imagine, with me being at the event from the 4th – 7th, there more than likely won’t be any page updates – though, this may change depending on internet availability.  Though, I will make sure to post my thoughts and some pictures of the event on Monday the 8th.

This should be a lot of fun…hope to see some of you there!


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