Short Story Optioned for Film

My yet-to-be-published short story (part of my short story collection that is being considered by a publisher), ‘Cake Batter’, has been optioned for a short film by Shadetree Films.  This is the same film company that made the Night School Book Trailer.  You can view Shadetree’s work by checking out their You Tube and Vimeo sites.

The already finished screenplay (I’ve read it and it turned out great) was written by Warren Provencal, Owner and Director of Shadetree.

Though, Warren has yet to inform me on how long the film will be, I would imagine it will run around 10 to 15 minutes.  The film will be posted online and will be shown at various independent film festivals.  Warren also plans on making the film available for purchase on DVD, as well. 

As I mentioned, the screenplay has been completed and the film is officially in Pre-Production.  Casting will begin soon for the three roles (a husband, wife and secretary).

You might be wondering what ‘Cake Batter’ is all about.  Since this short story is really short (only 2,100 words – definitely the shortest of all my stories), I can’t give much away, only to tell you that it is about a ‘cheating husband’.

I’ll update you as the project moves forward.


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