Book reviewed by contest winner

Gef Fox (better known as Rabid Fox in Comments), the winner of the first book in the Richard Laymon Book Contest, has reviewed one of the novels in the double-book.  Click here to check out his site and the review.

3 thoughts on “Book reviewed by contest winner

  1. Yeah, I got the feeling I was missing out with the tone of the story, and then realized there were THREE previous stories about Beast House. Oy vey. Oh well, just more stuff added to my wish list is all. 🙂

  2. Hey, Gef. No problem.

    Not sure if you have already read Friday Night in Beast House or not, but either way, I would suggest reading the three previous novels about ‘the beast’ (The Cellar, The Beast House & The Midnight Tour) to understand and enjoy the novella a bit more.


  3. Hey, thanks for the cheap plug. And thanks again for the book. I thought about reviewing the “Beast House” novella at the same time too, but I’m planning on doing a bunch of mini-reviews for some of my favorite short fiction.

    Also, congrats on your short story, “Cake Batter,” getting optioned. Cool stuff.

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