The move to T-Town and some updates

I rarely, if ever, mention personal stuff on here, though I feel like making an exception this time.  Well, that and some other stuff.

As you know, I currently live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  Though, in one week from now I will be moving a hour and a half west to T-Town or better known as Toledo, Ohio – The Glass City.  This is not only because I have yet to find a ‘day job’ after being downsized in February after being with the company for 5 1/2 years, but also for personal reasons, that I won’t be mentioning here. 

With the move looming, I find myself looking back at the last nine years here in Cleveland, after graduating college in 2000.  The city and people have provided me with some good and not so good times.  I often wonder how things would have turned out if I wouldn’t have moved here after college.  Not that I had much choice.  Ya gotta go where the job takes you, ya know!?  Which is why I moved here to begin with.  The best thing to come out of living in Cleveland, of course, was the birth of my youngest daughter.  She rocks!

Anyway, at this point I am pretty much starting over.  Starting at the bottom and working my way back up, again.  Not that there is anything wrong with having to do that.  Ultimately it  may build my character.  That or it will just kick my ass and leave me lying in the gutter.  Either way, I am pretty much exhausted at this point in more ways than one.  It IS time for a fresh start.  Either way, I plan on continuing to pursue my writing career. 

There is one thing currently in the works (that I haven’t officially announced, but if you cruise the page you’ll see what it is already) and I am still awaiting word from a publisher on my short story collection that I sent out for consideration.  In addition, I am about 2,500 words away from finishing the novella that I mentioned here.  Though, there has been a little bump in the road with one of the authors I mentioned disappearing on us.  So, at this point, I have contacted another author and inquired if he would be interested in the project.  Then, after my novella is completed, I will be moving onto the ‘novel-in-progress’ that I had to put aside when Night School was published.  Currently, I’m at 25K words and my goal is to have it completed at the end of this summer and then sent out for consideration.  After that, I’m going to be switching gears a bit and venture into writing something else besides horror (don’t worry, I’ll come right back to it), that someone suggested I give a try.  I’m not going to mention what genre it’s in yet, though you can see quite a bit of ‘it’ in Night School.

That’s it.  Some random thoughts and some updates to tide you over until the 2nd (2 of 2.  The first being the hardcover edition of Night School coming out) major annoucement that I mentioned was coming a week or two ago, finally gets made official.

With that, I’ve got the SUV packed up and ready for a drive to T-Town tomorrow, er, today!  Time to get some rest and hit the road bright and early.


One thought on “The move to T-Town and some updates

  1. Been there. Starting over, that is. Kind of still there, or had multiple start overs in the last 3 years. Good luck in Toledo. And yes, always keep working on the writing.

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