Settled & Ready to Write, again

I finally have all my things here in the suburb of Toledo, OH, where I’ll be living for the time being.  This was after 5 round trips back and forth from Cleveland to Toledo.  Needless to say, that’s alot of miles and gas money for a 7 day period.

Now it’s time to finish putting my crap away and start working (writing), again.

The top three things on my ‘To Do’ list are as follows:

  • Edit the novella that I finished writing about a week ago.
  • Continue talks with a magazine (I can’t tell you which one quite yet) about writing a serialized story for them, which would appear in parts in 2 or 3 issues in a row (this is a print magazine).
  • Start working again on my ‘novel-in-progress’ (currently at 25k words) about a ‘monster’.

Just the above items should keep me busy for awhile.  Besides what I just stated above, there is also the ‘Cake Batter’ film, which is in the works, as well.

Busy, busy, busy…but that’s the way it should be!


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