Novella Project – Update

Some of you newbies on my site, might not be familiar with the novella project that was originally started with two other authors and myself.

Adam P. Lewis and I are both finished with our novellas.  The problem is, until recently, that we ‘lost’ our third author during the beginning of the project.  To this very day we are not entirely sure what happened to him, but we believe an evil garden gnome might have finished him off.  In any event, there is now a new author on board to write the third novella for the book.

Her name is Misty Gersley, editor at Withersin Magazine.  You might recognize the name of the mag, as I have written several book reviews in the past and continue to do so.  If you have never read the magazine, I highly suggest checking out the site and ordering yourself a single copy or better yet, a subscription.

Adam and I both believe she will make a wonderful addition to the project and are looking forward to reading the crazy stuff that will come out of her head!


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