An Artist with a Vision

I recently came across the work of a fantastic artist/illustrator.  Her name is Candice Joy Wright and her medium(s) of choice are; charcoal & graphite, paint and pastels.  She enjoys doing people, flowers and animals, often with a very dark personality.

About Candice (used with permission from her website) :

Having an appreciation for art at an early age, I started to take private art lessons.  My most loved medium to work with is soft pastels.  Using pastels and blending them with my fingers adds softness, and puts a piece of me in all my pictures.  Being versatile with my subject matter, I like to work from life, my own photography, other reference photos, and my imagination.   My favorite subjects are self portraits, portraits of other people and animals.

Some artwork I love to create displays a mood and brings out different emotions.  A painting can open people’s minds to new experiences and ideas which allows them to see things that they would not normally see.  Creating art is both relaxing and pleasurable for me.  It allows to me visualize images and ideas and then put them on paper.  Producing art work that I genuinely love allows me to continue to amaze myself each time I stand at my easel.

When I asked Candice to give a name for her art, she replied, “I have no idea really…disasterpieces, but that would be stealing from Slipknot…but they aren’t really disasters.”

You can check out Candice’s website and work by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “An Artist with a Vision

  1. I agree. Although, Candice did do the cover art for Pure Hate under the Ambrotos Press page. She is also working with Michael West on the Vampires Don’t Sparkle! anthology and will be doing a cover for that one, as well.

  2. candice’s site is no longer accessible. it’s a shame. she does great stuff. i do hope another site will appear that presents her material…

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