Create A New Banner Contest

Now that the last Richard Laymon Book Contest is over for this year (yes, it will return in 2011) it’s time for a different type of contest.  Yes, you’ll still have the chance to score a free book, actually a few free books – but they will be mine this time.

Here is how it works.

I’m looking for some new artwork to display at the top of my website.  I would like the new banner (it needs to be a little larger than 760×200 pixels so I can crop if needed) that incorporates my existing books (except Night School – which is now out of print and I don’t promote any longer) and forthcoming releases.  Even though the cover art hasn’t been announced for the majority of my future titles, I would still like to have artwork of what the books are about incorporated in the new banner.  This can be open to your interpretation.  The only detail that definitely needs to be in there is my name, of course.  Other than that, you can put your artist abilities to the test and let fly.

The winner will receive, upon publication, the following titles:  Fell Beasts anthology (Edited by me), For After Midnight (my short story collection) and Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn anthology (the 3-novella collection by Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison and myself).  So, as each one is released and I receive my contributor copies, I’ll send you an autographed copy of each.

How to enter:

You have until January 14th to get your entries to me (my email address is under the Contact page).  I will then announce the winner and credit you for the banner on or before January 16th.  The new banner will also appear at the top of the page at that time.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Concept Cover Art for Cake Batter DVD

While the teaser trailer for Cake Batter is still a week (or two) away, Warren with Shadetree Films, thought it would be a good idea to share the concept artwork for the cover of the DVD (shown below).  In addition, Warren has informed me that the official Shadetree Films website will be up and running soon and will be accepting pre-orders for the short film at that time.

An Artist with a Vision

I recently came across the work of a fantastic artist/illustrator.  Her name is Candice Joy Wright and her medium(s) of choice are; charcoal & graphite, paint and pastels.  She enjoys doing people, flowers and animals, often with a very dark personality.

About Candice (used with permission from her website) :

Having an appreciation for art at an early age, I started to take private art lessons.  My most loved medium to work with is soft pastels.  Using pastels and blending them with my fingers adds softness, and puts a piece of me in all my pictures.  Being versatile with my subject matter, I like to work from life, my own photography, other reference photos, and my imagination.   My favorite subjects are self portraits, portraits of other people and animals.

Some artwork I love to create displays a mood and brings out different emotions.  A painting can open people’s minds to new experiences and ideas which allows them to see things that they would not normally see.  Creating art is both relaxing and pleasurable for me.  It allows to me visualize images and ideas and then put them on paper.  Producing art work that I genuinely love allows me to continue to amaze myself each time I stand at my easel.

When I asked Candice to give a name for her art, she replied, “I have no idea really…disasterpieces, but that would be stealing from Slipknot…but they aren’t really disasters.”

You can check out Candice’s website and work by clicking here.

Night School (Knife) Project – Part III

I mentioned in a previous post how the Night School Knife is almost finished being made by JD Boren of JDB Knives.  If you have been following the knife’s progress, you can again go to the Night School Build-A-Long on the message board at JDB Knives, by clicking here to see the recent updates.

Pricing and ordering information for the hand-crafted, limited-edition knife (there will only be a set amount made) and book set will be coming soon.


Cover to Night School

Below you will find the cover to my upcoming novel, Night School.  The artwork has been approved at the publisher and now the book is off to the printer.  When I am informed of the official release date, I will let you know.

New Website Banner

As you may have noticed, there has been a big change at the top of the website. 

Previously, I just had my name in orange lettering at the top of the page.  As you may remember, I have been working with Jaime Ortiz of Trippy Tease Productions to come up with a suitable banner.  After throwing around many ideas and alot of painstaking work, Jaime came up with what you now see above as the new banner.  I think it’s pretty cool and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Artwork for Book and Website

One of the things I pondered when writing Night School, was what the cover of the book was going to look like if it went to print.  Since starting this website a little over a week ago, it has also been on my mind about what sort of graphic/art I would put at the top of the home page.

One week ago, I began working with Jaime Ortiz of Trippy Tease Productions, on ideas for the cover of the book and graphic that would go at the top of this page.

As of yesterday, Jaime completed the artwork for the cover of the book (which will be sent to the publisher, today) and will begin shortly working on the graphic for the top of the page.   I can’t share this coverwork with you, until it has been approved by the publisher, as they have final say on the cover of the book.

Although, if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments, about what should be at the top of this page, leave them below now or forever hold your peace!