Create A New Banner Contest

Now that the last Richard Laymon Book Contest is over for this year (yes, it will return in 2011) it’s time for a different type of contest.  Yes, you’ll still have the chance to score a free book, actually a few free books – but they will be mine this time.

Here is how it works.

I’m looking for some new artwork to display at the top of my website.  I would like the new banner (it needs to be a little larger than 760×200 pixels so I can crop if needed) that incorporates my existing books (except Night School – which is now out of print and I don’t promote any longer) and forthcoming releases.  Even though the cover art hasn’t been announced for the majority of my future titles, I would still like to have artwork of what the books are about incorporated in the new banner.  This can be open to your interpretation.  The only detail that definitely needs to be in there is my name, of course.  Other than that, you can put your artist abilities to the test and let fly.

The winner will receive, upon publication, the following titles:  Fell Beasts anthology (Edited by me), For After Midnight (my short story collection) and Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn anthology (the 3-novella collection by Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison and myself).  So, as each one is released and I receive my contributor copies, I’ll send you an autographed copy of each.

How to enter:

You have until January 14th to get your entries to me (my email address is under the Contact page).  I will then announce the winner and credit you for the banner on or before January 16th.  The new banner will also appear at the top of the page at that time.

Thanks and Good Luck!


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