Context 22 – A Weekend in Review

Context 22 was a great time.  I got to sit on one panel (the other was cancelled) and got to meet; Tim Deal from Shroud Publishing, Michael Knost, Gord Rollo, Scott Sandridge, Michael D’Ambrosio, Holly Sullivan McClure and Jason Sanford.  I also got to reconnect with Jason Sizemore of Apex Book Company and Maurice Broaddus.  Overall, it was a great time being able to hang out and party with a bunch of other people as well.

Besides partying and hanging out with all the above, I also got to ‘talk shop’ with Gord Rollo and Michael Knost on Saturday.  Gord and I spoke about our current and future projects.  Michael shared a wealth of knowledge of the business on writing and ‘how to’ become a successuful writer, to which I am eternally greatful.  Thanks, Michael.

Below are some pictures from the event, courtesy of Sheryl Scanlon.

Sitting on the 'Trusting Your Reader' panel on Friday night.
Myself & Gord Rollo at the Shroud Publishing party on Saturday.
Myself & Gord Rollo at the Shroud Publishing party on Saturday.
Having a bite to eat & drink at the Shroud party.
Myself & Michael Knost.
Tom Erb, myself, Sheryl Scanlon, Michael Knost & Kurt Criscione

One thought on “Context 22 – A Weekend in Review

  1. Well Ty, it was one amazing weekend indeed. Again, great to meet you and of course the ever-thirsty Shari. I really look forward to getting my hands on some of your work and I am sure I’ll love it. Hope to hang more in the future.

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