As you can tell, website updates have been scarce as of late.  Among other reasons, this is because I have started a new part-time job over the past week and it’s on third shift.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly leave me with much awake and/or normal brain wave functioning time to do much on here.  Nonetheless, there have been some things going on over the past week or so that I wanted to update you on.  So here you go…

This website, in less than a year, has over 10K hits!  Thank You!

‘Cake Batter’ film will go into production in the next two weeks.

I”m still pitching movie ideas to a major film studio (obviously I can’t tell you which one right now)

Received a positive response from one publisher on my short story collection – hopefully there will be more information coming soon!

There will be new contests on both this site and my Facebook Fan Club site at the end of the month (there will be plenty of books to win – from my personal collection)

I’m nearing a deal with a magazine on writing a serialized story

Short story, ‘The Ringmaster’ will be the featured story on Orion’s Child Magazine in October – which will be Free to read and I will provide a link once available.


That’s it for now…hang in there folks…there’s some exciting stuff in the works!


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