Last Chance for Night School Hardcovers

The publishing world has been hit as hard, if not worse, as every other business during this rough time in our economy.  Because of this, and this alone, the Hardcover version of Night School will be discontinued as of Sunday, October 25th (the Softcover will of course remain in print and available wherever books are sold). 

This will be your last chance, besides in the aftermarket, to pick up a new copy of my first horror novel.  So, if you’ve been wanting to pick up the Hardcover version, I would suggest following the below link and placing your order today.  The Hardcover version should not only become a collector’s item because it is my first novel, but also because of the limited print run.

The only place the Hardcover version is available is through my publisher.  Once you’re on the page, scroll to the bottom and type in my name, ‘Ty Schwamberger’  and select the second book you see on the page.


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