LIVE Chat #2 Scheduled

Back on September 2nd I held my first LIVE Chat on Facebook.  Now it’s time to do it all again.

Like last time, it will work like this.  If you’re not already one of my friends on Facebook (or don’t even have an account yet – in which case you really need to get with the times and sign up), you would add me.   Next, you would go to my Facebook Fan Club page (which was set up by a great fan in the UK) and Join the Group.  My regular page is a great place to read the daily ins and outs of my life and the fan club page, well, that’s just plain cool!

After you have added me as a friend on my regular Facebook page, you then come online on Wednesday, November 11th @ 8:00pm.  I will make a Wall Post at that time when the ‘chat lines are open’ and you can begin to ask me whatever questions (writing related or not) you would like to know.  I will do my best to answer each and every question to the best of my abilities.  As far as how long the chat lasts, that either depends on when you get tired of reading what I’ve gotta say or I’ve had one beer too many and I say the hell with it…

Hope to see both returning and new faces on both of my pages and to talk with a bunch of you on Nov. 11th at 8:00!  I’ll be posting a reminder on this site and both of my pages a day or two before the event.


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