What’s been going down…

It’s been longer than normal for me to not post anything, so I figured it was high time for me to fill you in on what’s been occupying my time.  So without further ado and being vague where needed, here is what I have been working on.

–  Almost to the 50k mark in the ‘monster’ novel that I started re-working on about a month ago (have wrote about 30k words in that time).  The finished manuscript should be around 80k

–  Following up with Shadetree Films to get that Cake Batter trailer on here we’ve been promising you

–  Pitched the novella project (that’s been in the making for about six months) to a publisher.  They are going to take a look at the finished project once available

–  Pitched me writing a comic book to a graphic novel publisher

–  Pitched an anthology project, where I would be the editor, to a publisher

–  In preliminary talks with a film distributor in regard to Cake Batter

–  In preliminary talks with another film maker on possible film ideas

–  Got invited to take part in an anthology in early Fall 2010

–  Getting ready to start talks with two writers to do another novella project (where each one of us writes a novella based on a common theme)

–  In talks with Suspense Magazine to find out when my accepted novelette turned serialized story, ‘All in the Line of Duty’, will finally be released.

–  Having a meeting tomorrow at Noon with a certain institution to possibly do a certain something (have to be as vague with this one was possible for now)

I know there are one or two other things that are slipping my mind right now as well.  But, as you can see, I’ve been quite busy with writing and the business side of things.  Stay tuned folks…there is some excitement in store for 2010!!


2 thoughts on “What’s been going down…

  1. For cripes sake, Ty, get a life and go get a freakin’ job! Seriously, you sound as busy as I want to be. Good luck keeping everything straight and getting it done, one step at a time!

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