The T.D.T Project

I mentioned here that I will soon begin another anthology (novella) project with two other authors.  This will be my second undertaking of such a thing and I suspect it will be just as great as the first.  Though I can’t provide you with the theme of the story, yet, I can give you the working details of the project itself.

What:  Until decided, it will be known as The T.D.T. Project.  This future book will be an anthology, containing three novellas (around 25k words each), each written by a different person with an overall common theme.

Who:  Tom Erb, Dean Harrison and myself.

When:  The self-imposed soft deadline for completion of the novellas is Early Spring.

I’m excited to be working with these up-and-comers and I think you’ll agree once it has been written and published you’ll be just as excited by the content as we will be writing it.


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