The last two weeks…

I’ve been extremely busy over the past two weeks. 

During this period of time; the two-novella collection that I was writing with Adam P. Lewis was edited and submitted to a publisher for consideration, my ‘monster’ (no, I’m still not telling you what ‘kind’ of creature it is) novel was completed at 80k words, and finally, I’m currently about half-way through writing my novella for The T.D.T Project – I expect to finish the this by the end of next week.  Then I will be going back to the ‘monster’ novel to edit it and prepare it for submission.  After that; I will either be starting another novella (working with another author, again) or a yet-to-be-decided novel.  I’m not sure which.

Of course the above work doesn’t include the other various projects in the near future; my column with Hellnotes that’s beginning on Feb. 15th, starting to teach a class on writing horror at the University of Akron (Ohio) on Feb. 16th, pitching a short story collection to a publisher, trying to finalize a deal with a distributor on Cake Batter and the other projects and deals I’m continuingly discussing with a variety of folks.

So, until I announce the future release of my next book, short story or movie, how about heading over to Published Works and check out what’s already out (there are some links on the page where you can read a few shorts and interviews for free) and then head over to the Storefront and pick up a book or a magazine.


2 thoughts on “The last two weeks…

  1. It’s great to see you being so prolific Ty! You are an inspiration to us all indeed.
    I can’t wait to read your new works and all the comes in the future.
    All the best my friend.


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