Writing Class in June Confirmed

I received confirmation from the University of Akron that the ‘So You Want to Be a Horror Writer? – How to Write Scary Stuff and Get it Published!’ – the class I will be teaching – will be offered as scheduled.  The class will run each Tuesday evening during June 8 – July 6 from 6 – 8 pm.  

If you live in the Akron, Ohio area and received their course catalogs in the past, they are being mailed out for the summer semester the week of April 12th.  If you don’t live in the area but still wish to sign up and travel to the class, you can view the course description and enroll here (their website isn’t updated yet since the spring semester is still going on but should be in the next month).


3 Responses to “Writing Class in June Confirmed”

  1. Insane in the Brain Says:

    Just wanted to say you have a great site! Thanks for posting

  2. The Colorado Kid Says:

    Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.

  3. Wonderful!! All the best, teaching is awesome…


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