Fall Writing Class

As you know, you can now enroll in the class I’ll be teaching this summer at the University of Akron (Akron, Ohio) – ‘So You Want To Be A Horror Writer’. 

A description of the class; including cost, classroom location, dates/times and how to enroll can be found here.

In addition, the class will now also be offered during the Fall semester.  The class will have the same weekly format, times, costs, etc.  The Fall class has a tentative start date of September 14th and will run for 5-consecutive weeks.  So, if you can’t make the summer class for whatever reason, here’s another chance to join in the fun later in the year.  You can’t enroll in the Fall class as of yet since they are doing enrollment for the summer, but I wanted to put it out there so you can mark your calendars now, so you don’t go off and plan a late-summer vacation or anything like that.  Besides, what’s better than spending time inside a classroom when it’s warm and sunny outside, right?!


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