New Column for Morpheus Tales Magazine

Morpheus Tales is a leading horror, science fiction and fantasy print magazine based in the United Kingdom.  They publish their magazine quarterly in January, April, July and October of each year.  They have included interviews and fiction from leading authors; Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Laimo, Christopher Golden, Ray Garton, among others.  Along side their quarterly print edition, they have a free pdf download on their website each month of the Reviews Supplement, which is a mini-magazine, featuring non-fiction, interviews, columns, articles and book reviews.

It’s in the Reviews Supplement that beginning in October you’ll find my new column, ‘Guidance from the Dark Scribe’.  In each column I’ll talk about practical writing advice, infused with my own personal experience and knowledge of the horror genre.  I will provide links here and add them under the Published Works page as the articles become available in October 2010 and January, April and July of 2011.

Stay tuned!


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