Beware the Dark #2

Beware the Dark Magazine 2_Cover

SST Publications is very proud to announce the release of the Tom Piccirilli Special Issue of Beware the Dark magazine.

This very special issue features three brand new stories by Tom Piccirilli and a very moving nonfiction piece. There’s also an interview with Tom and some of the biggest names in the genre pay tribute to Tom and his writing. This is a very special issue that fans of Tom Piccirilli will want to own and keep forever.


Edited by Paul Fry
Cover art © by Vincent Sammy


Horror Fiction & Dark Art

Tom Piccirilli Special Contents:
Introductions by Edward Lee & Gerard Houarner

Three New Stories by Tom Piccirilli:
“At the Mercy of Angry Angels”
“Waste of the Good Stuff”
“How Some of Us Sleep”

Nonfiction Piece:
“Meeting the Black”

Tributes From:
Ed Gorman: Letting It Bleed
Jack Ketchum: On Fuckin’ Lie Down Already
Norman Partridge: Pic’s Dirty Dozen
Michelle Scalise: The Poetry of a Broken Angel

Tom Piccirilli Bibliography

Other Horror Fiction:
“The Baby” by Edward Lee *
“Pack Rat” by Eric Red
“The Black Dress” by T. T. Zuma
“Whore” by David E. Greske
“Stripper with a Broken Leg” by Joshua Dobson
“Poor Mrs Rena” by Vi Reaper

“The Baby” by Edward Lee was originally published as a limited edition chapbook by Bloodletting Press in 2003.

Dark Art:
Vincent Sammy
Vince Natale
Alfred Klosterman
Alex McVey
Luke Spooner
Keith Minnion

Gallery: Vincent Sammy

Columns, Interviews & Reviews:
Ray Garton: Writers You Should Be Reading
Nancy Kilpatrick: The Abyss
Ramsey Campbell: Ramsey’s Ruminations
Robert Morrish: Nightlight
Ty Schwamberger: The Dark Spot Interview Series – Interview with Tom Piccirilli
A Brief Conversation with Vincent Sammy by Paul Fry
Joe R. Lansdale Interviewed by Jack Bantry

© Individual Authors

Title Details:
RRP Price: £7.95
Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications
Release Date: May 15, 2014
ISSN: 2053-0307
ISBN: 978-1-909640-18-4
Full-colour Interior
Pages: 140

Available from Amazon & SST Publications.



Beware the Dark #1

Beware the Dark Magazine_Cover


Edited by Paul Fry

Cover art © by Vincent Chong

Horror Fiction & Dark Art

Horror Fiction & Dark Art:

“Potential” by Ramsey Campbell *

“Twins” by Jack Ketchum *

“Empathy” by Kealan Patrick Burke *

“The Dying Season” by James B. Carter

“Asleep with the Black Goat” by Aaron J. French

“To Turn a Blind Eye” by Jeremy Terry

“Si or No?” by Timothy McGivney

“Cross My Heart, Hope to Die” by Sheri White

“Pool Days” by Russell C. Connor

“Company at the Lavoisier” by Terry ‘Horns’ Erwin


“Potential” by Ramsey Campbell was originally published in Demons by Daylight. Arkham House, 1973.

“Twins” by Jack Ketchum was originally published in Peaceable Kingdom. Subterranean Press, 2003.

“Empathy” by Kealan Patrick Burke was originally published in Corpse Blossoms, edited by Julia & R.J. Sevin. Creeping Hemlock Press, 2005.

Story Illustrations & Artwork:

Alfred Klosterman

Luke Spooner

Glenn Chadbourne

Eleanor Bennett

Stephen Cooney

Allen Koszowski

Daniele Serra

Vince Natale

Gallery: Vincent Chong

Columns, Interviews & Reviews:

Ray Garton: An Introduction

Nancy Kilpatrick: Bones in England

Robert Morrish: Nightlight

Ty Schwamberger: The Dark Spot

A Brief Conversation with Vincent Chong by Paul Fry

Interview with Kasey Lansdale by Ty Schwamberger

Writer/Director Luke Brady Talks Young, High and Dead by Vi Reaper



© Individual Authors

Title Details:

RRP Price: $10.76

Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications

Release Date: October, 2013

ISSN: 2053-0307

ISBN: 978-1-909640-13-9

Full-colour Interior

Pages: 158

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Morpheus Tales XVII

Morpheus Tales XVII has been released and is now available for purchase. The new issue of MT contains my short-short story ‘Urban Monsoon’ which originally appeared in my short story collection For After Midnight.

You can order this UK publication direct from the publisher.

Guidance from the Dark Scribe – January 2011

You can read the article, ‘The Other Side(s) of Writing’, in Issue #11 by clicking here.  The article starts on Page 4.

This may be just the kick in the ass that you need to get off your duff in 2011 and start writing like a loon that’s just broke outta the bin.

Akron Magazine Article

Yours truly is featured in a full-page article entitled, ‘Master of the Macabre’, by David Ritchey in the October issue of Akron Life & Leisure Magazine.  If you live in Northest Ohio; you should now be able to pick up the issue at your local newsstand.

Guidance from the Dark Scribe – October 2010

I mentioned awhile back that I will be writing a quarterly column, ‘Guidance from the Dark Scribe’, in the online Reviews Supplement Edition of  UK based Morpheus Tales Magazine.  Authors such as; Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Laimo, Joseph D’Lacey, Ray Garton, Christopher Golden, among many others, have graced the pages of the print version.  In fact, I just received print issue #10 in the mail yesterday and it looks quite amazing and I can’t wait to tear into it this weekend.

You can read my October column, ‘Horror – Check Yourself at the Door’, in #10 by visiting the Reviews Page or directly at the issue version of the Supplement.


Shroud #9 – Available for Pre-Order!

Shroud Magazine #9 that contains my short story, ‘Liquid Courage’, is now up for Pre-Order for a mere $6.99.

‘Liquid Courage’ is essentially about a guy that is trying to get over a heart-felt break up with his long-time girlfriend.  He’s going through a lot of internal strife and is looking for a way out.  He thinks about committing suicide until one of his friends come up missing.  Shortly after the disappearance he starts receiving notes of his friend’s whereabouts.  He tries to put aside his own personal demons while searching for him.  But in the end it turns out that he’s not the only one that needs saving…

Product Description for Issue #9:

Shroud welcomes the Summer with startling stories from the Brothers’ May, Lon Prater, Robert Canipe, Marie Brennan, Alethea Contis, Debbie Kuhn, Ty Schwamberger and many more! Brian Keene and Scott Christian Carr share their latest columns, I.E. Lester investigates the zombie phenomenon, Mark McLaughlin interviews a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD icon, Derek Fox discusses the Art of Fear, an interview with Jeff Strand, and cover art and interview from Tom Brown. So much more!

Click here to order a copy!

New Column for Morpheus Tales Magazine

Morpheus Tales is a leading horror, science fiction and fantasy print magazine based in the United Kingdom.  They publish their magazine quarterly in January, April, July and October of each year.  They have included interviews and fiction from leading authors; Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Laimo, Christopher Golden, Ray Garton, among others.  Along side their quarterly print edition, they have a free pdf download on their website each month of the Reviews Supplement, which is a mini-magazine, featuring non-fiction, interviews, columns, articles and book reviews.

It’s in the Reviews Supplement that beginning in October you’ll find my new column, ‘Guidance from the Dark Scribe’.  In each column I’ll talk about practical writing advice, infused with my own personal experience and knowledge of the horror genre.  I will provide links here and add them under the Published Works page as the articles become available in October 2010 and January, April and July of 2011.

Stay tuned!

Ty-ing Up the Genre with Jason Sizemore

For June, ‘Ty-ing Up the Genre’ on Hellnotes dot com brought in guest, Maggie Jamison, to interview Jason Sizemore with Apex Publications.

You can read the interview by clicking here.