Brain Munchers Beware!

Apex Book Company, which is also known as Apex Publications, is a small press publisher dedicated to producing exemplary works of science fiction, horror, fantasy and non-fiction.  Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, Apex Book Company is owned and operated by Jason B. Sizemore.

Their current catalog includes anthologies like the highly-acclaimed Dark Faith, novels and novellas like The Labyrinth of the Dead, non-fiction books like To Each Their Darkness and their ever-popular Apex Magazine.

With the company’s recent distribution deal with Diamond, Jason has completed a reorganization of the business into 4 arms: Apex Publications (which will have national distribution), a new imprint called Black Room Publications (under which my zombie novella, The Fields, will be released later this summer), award winning Apex Magazine & the imprint The Zombie Feed – for which I’ll be the Managing Editor going forward.

You can read the official announcement on the Apex blog.

Brain munchers beware, I’m now on the hunt…

Help An Alien Out!

As you know, The Zombie Feed an imprint of Apex Publications, is putting out my forthcoming zombie novella – The Fields.  Apex is a great small press that’s putting out some quality stuff by some great names (and I’m greatful to be in their company).  Apex is run by Jason Sizemore, a good friend with an aptitude for the business that I dig very much.  So when I saw this morning that Apex is about to land a distribution deal I knew I had to join the cause.  Now, check out below and do your part to help out a fellow alien head…and zombie lover.

We’ve got some exciting stuff going on behind the scenes. We’re close to signing a contract for major national and international book distribution. Once that contract has been signed by both parties, we’ll have a press release to share.

In the meantime, we’re preparing our book printing ramp up and expansion. This fiscal requirement goes above and beyond our normal business operations and normally, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. In this instance, however, the issue is time. The distributor is anxious to get Apex out on the market. To do that, I need to come up with the initial investment for a full-scale run. So I’m trying out a Kickstarter clone called Peerbackers. Any funds raised by Peerbackers will supplement the additional business loans I’m taking to cover the new production costs.

Peerbackers works like Kickstarter. You pledge X amount of dollars based on different milestone amounts. You’re not charged for your pledge unless we reach a certain percentage of our goal. If we make our goal, you receive a reward based on the amount pledged.

Here is the link to our Peerbackers project:

Pledges begin at an affordable $10 and goes up to $1000 (where you receive, among other things, a lifetime subscription to Apex Books!).

We hope you decide to pledge. All you need is either a Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal account. Your support now will go a long way to ensuring our venture into national distribution becomes a monumental moment for our genre!

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Ty-ing Up the Genre with Jason Sizemore

For June, ‘Ty-ing Up the Genre’ on Hellnotes dot com brought in guest, Maggie Jamison, to interview Jason Sizemore with Apex Publications.

You can read the interview by clicking here.