DININ’ Audiobook


Now available for your listening pleasure. The audiobook edition of DININ’ narrated by Dylan Simmons.

You can purchase it here.

Remember, you can still download the eBook edition from Cemetery Dance Publications.

More news coming soon on this one! Stay tuned.

The Fields — Available for Pre-Order



We’re very excited to announce that the Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of Ty Schwamberger’s award-winning novella THE FIELDS is now available for pre-order!

The book features a Foreword by Bram Stoker Award winner Joe McKinney, an Introduction by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, and gorgeous wraparound cover artwork by Ben Baldwin.

Here are the details of our limited hardcover edition:

Signed by Ty Schwamberger, Ben Baldwin & Tara Bush
Limited to only 100 copies worldwide
Each copy is numbered by hand
Four-colour laminated dust jacket
Exclusive book board cover design
Printed on acid-free paper


Original edition cover art as the title page artwork by Thomas A. Erb
Interior illustrations exclusively for the Signed Limited Edition by Tara Bush
Features exclusive Dust Jacket artwork

Read more and pre-order your copy today at:

Last Night Out — Now Available!

Last Night Out Cover copy
Cover by Thom Erb

The Special 5 Year Anniversary Edition of Last Night Out is now available for purchase in Trade Paperback and eBook. This edition includes an Introduction by Gene O’Neill and Afterword by yours truly, telling the origins of the book, and how this special edition came to be.


Gabe, Alan and Erin thought one last night out on the town before their junior year of college came to an end would be fitting. The three friends did the same as always – they went to a bar. Only this time they decided to try someplace new: The Torchlight Inn. They are eager to make it a night to remember.

During their time at the shabby bar they come face to face with seedy bar patrons, a biker gang and one strange-acting bartender named T-Bone. But all is well until Alan and Erin mysteriously disappear and Gabe has to try and find his friends before being forced to pay their bar tab.

Little do any of them know the secret the place holds beneath its cracked floorboards…

Where a whole new kind of terror is waiting for them.

You can order your own copy in Trade Paperback and/or Kindle on Amazon.



Escaping Lucidity (audio book)

Escaping Lucidity_audio book_cover

The audio book edition of my short story collection Escaping Lucidity is now available to download (mp3) on Amazon & Audible.com. It was narrated and produced by Randy Capes with Cup O’ Tea Productions. You can also listen to a free sample via the links.

Escaping Lucidity_cover

You can still purchase the Trade Paperback or Kindle on Amazon.



Upcoming Works for 2016


The Fields (new edition) (Introduction by Jonathan Maberry, Foreword by Joe McKinney, Afterword by Ty Schwamberger), SST Publications (UK), TBA 2016. (Originally published by Apex Publications, December 2011)

Last Night Out (Special 5 Year Anniversary Edition) (Introduction by Gene O’Neill), Ravenswood Publishing, Early 2016. (Originally published by Wicked East Press, 2011. Reprinted by Crowded Quarantine Publications, 2013)

Grave Intentions (new edition) (Forewords by Ray Garton & James A. Moore), TBA, TBA. (Originally published by T Allen Press, April 2012)


Block Party: Tales of Sub-Urban Terror (Editor), Necro Publications, October 2016.

The Best New Zombie Tales, Volume 5 (Co-Edited with Joe McKinney), Books of the Dead Press, TBA 2016.

The Best New Zombie Tales, Volume 4 (Co-Edited with Joe McKinney), Books of the Dead Press, TBA 2016.

Cadence in Decay (Editor), Ravenswood Publishing, October 2016.

Foreign Editions

Untitled (German translation of Deep Dark Woods), Voodoo Press, TBA 2016.

Untitled (German translation of The Fields), Voodoo Press, TBA 2016.

Audio Books

DININ’, narrated by Michael Scott, TBA 2016.

Escaping Lucidity, Cup O’ Tea Productions, January 2016.

Escaping Lucidity — eBook Edition

Escaping Lucidity_cover

Escaping Lucidity is now available for Kindle and Nook via the below links.

Amazon (Kindle – US)

Amazon (Kindle – UK)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)


Escaping Lucidity is the complete short works of Ty Schwamberger. Within this tome you’ll be taken on a terror-filled ride through dark woods, the desert, a graveyard and dark streets, where monsters and strange creatures run amok. The other half of this collection is filled with characters driven to the brink of insanity, coping with the loss of loved ones, spousal abuse and fighting crime on the mean city streets. You’ll also find “Author Notes” after each story written by Schwamberger himself giving insight on why he wrote each particular story, interesting facts about characters, the story’s setting and where the work first appeared.

Are you ready for a mind-bending ride?

If not, don’t say you weren’t warned… ‘cause bad things tend to happen when you’re trying to escape lucidity.

Good Luck!

“This is a stellar collection of work — each story is its own character, with its own voice, its own points to make, and its own share of distinctive scares and poignancy.  You never feel like you’ve read this story before, earlier in the collection.  Just strap yourself in and let Ty Schwamberger show you what the next generation of dark-fiction writers have in store for the rest of us … and try to not look over your shoulder afterward.”  ~ Gary A. Braunbeck, 7-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award and author of IN SILENT GRAVES and TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS

Table of Contents

Introduction by John R. Little

Liquid Courage
Urban Monsoon
The Ringmaster
Rebirth: The Rise of Pharaoh Masika
Web Blog
Spare Rib Soup
Cake Batter
Future Hall-of-Famer
The 7th House
The Halloween Hero
The Legend of Johnston’s Creek
In The Woods
Jacob’s Mind
One Brew Too Many?
City of Woe (co-written with Penny Mason)
A Son’s Destiny
Hung With Care
Bartender, Please
All in the Line of Duty (novelette)
Two Men, A Rat, And A Lady (novelette)

Author Notes by Ty Schwamberger

You can also still order the Trade Paperback edition at:

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)

Barnes & Noble