Beware the Dark #2

Beware the Dark Magazine 2_Cover

SST Publications is very proud to announce the release of the Tom Piccirilli Special Issue of Beware the Dark magazine.

This very special issue features three brand new stories by Tom Piccirilli and a very moving nonfiction piece. There’s also an interview with Tom and some of the biggest names in the genre pay tribute to Tom and his writing. This is a very special issue that fans of Tom Piccirilli will want to own and keep forever.


Edited by Paul Fry
Cover art © by Vincent Sammy


Horror Fiction & Dark Art

Tom Piccirilli Special Contents:
Introductions by Edward Lee & Gerard Houarner

Three New Stories by Tom Piccirilli:
“At the Mercy of Angry Angels”
“Waste of the Good Stuff”
“How Some of Us Sleep”

Nonfiction Piece:
“Meeting the Black”

Tributes From:
Ed Gorman: Letting It Bleed
Jack Ketchum: On Fuckin’ Lie Down Already
Norman Partridge: Pic’s Dirty Dozen
Michelle Scalise: The Poetry of a Broken Angel

Tom Piccirilli Bibliography

Other Horror Fiction:
“The Baby” by Edward Lee *
“Pack Rat” by Eric Red
“The Black Dress” by T. T. Zuma
“Whore” by David E. Greske
“Stripper with a Broken Leg” by Joshua Dobson
“Poor Mrs Rena” by Vi Reaper

“The Baby” by Edward Lee was originally published as a limited edition chapbook by Bloodletting Press in 2003.

Dark Art:
Vincent Sammy
Vince Natale
Alfred Klosterman
Alex McVey
Luke Spooner
Keith Minnion

Gallery: Vincent Sammy

Columns, Interviews & Reviews:
Ray Garton: Writers You Should Be Reading
Nancy Kilpatrick: The Abyss
Ramsey Campbell: Ramsey’s Ruminations
Robert Morrish: Nightlight
Ty Schwamberger: The Dark Spot Interview Series – Interview with Tom Piccirilli
A Brief Conversation with Vincent Sammy by Paul Fry
Joe R. Lansdale Interviewed by Jack Bantry

© Individual Authors

Title Details:
RRP Price: £7.95
Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications
Release Date: May 15, 2014
ISSN: 2053-0307
ISBN: 978-1-909640-18-4
Full-colour Interior
Pages: 140

Available from Amazon & SST Publications.



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