Shroud picks up Liquid Courage

Shroud Magazine, who has featured the likes of John Shirley, Rick Hautala, Michael Laimo, Tom Piccirilli, JF Gonzalez, Tim Waggoner, Jeff Strand, Jason Sizemore and articles by Michael Knost and Brian Keene, among many many other great writers – recently picked up my 7,500k word story, ‘Liquid Courage’ for Issue #9.  I don’t know the exact publication date as of yet, but speculate it will be Late Summer/Early Fall of this year (2010).

Now go to Shroud’s site and order a subscription!

From My Bookshelf To Yours

Any Fantasy & Science Fiction writers/readers out there?  If so, here is your chance to win a few things directly from my bookshelf.  All the below items are in New and Unread condition.

From Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine:


December 2008, featuring: Wayne Wightman, John Langan, Eugene Mirabelli, Robert Reed & Warner Law.

January 2009, featuring: Charles Coleman Finlay, Carol Emshwiller, Barry B. Longyear & Jerry Oltion.

February 2009, featuring: Fred Chappell, Jack Cady, Charles Coleman Finlay & Mario Milosevic.

March 2009, featuring: Marc Laidlaw, Daniel Abraham, Robert Bloch & Yoon Ha Lee.

From Baen Publishing:

Baen CD-ROM Library Version 19 – The Tuloriad Disk (2009).

The magazines retailed at the time they were on the store racks for $4.99 each (they sell back issues on their site for $6.00 each) and have around 160 pages in each mag.  So the value of the mags alone is around $20.00.  The below CD-Rom was given to me back in June (2009) at Hypericon 5 (convention) directly from the publisher.

How To Enter:

Send an email to me ( with a Subject Line of ‘Fantasy & Science Fiction Contest’ along with your full name and mailing address.  Only one entry per person allowed.  If you do not send your full name and mailing address at the time of entry, your email will be deleted (so, no, I do not want another email stating, ‘I will send you my mailing address if I win’.).  Contest ends on October 30th at Midnight.  The winner will be notified on or about November 1st.

Good Luck!

Suspense Magazine to publish novelette

Now you’ll have three months in a row with new stuff from me to read (my short ‘The Ringmaster’ will come out next month in Orion’s Child Magazine).

John Raab, the editor at Suspense Magazine, has informed me that my novelette (about 13k words), ‘All in the Line of Duty’, has been accepted for publication as a serialized story and will run in their November & December 2009 issues.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the story is essentially about a cop making a deal with the Devil to bring his freshly slain family back to life so he can see them one last time.  Very Edward Lee-ish, if I had to classify it.

More details will be released once available.

Book Review Published

The latest book review that I wrote for Withersin Magazine has been published.  The review was of Dora Machado’s – Stonewiser: The Call of the Stone.

After reading the completed review, Robyn Schechter of Carol Fass Publicity & Public Relations, Inc. (Dora’s PR person), wrote to me and stated, “Thank you, Ty!  This is a great review and I am so glad that you enjoyed the books!”

Thanks, Robyn for the kind words!

You can click here to read the review.

Review Found Published

Back in April of this year I wrote a review for Withersin Magazine for an issue of their magazine – Withersin Magazine – Death 1.3.  I was unaware that it was ever published until now.

Click here to read the review.

Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 – Contest

How would you like to win a free copy of Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2, which contains my short story, ‘The 7th House’?  You can check out the cover of the mag and read a short description of the story, by clicking here.  The cover price of the mag is $9.99.

How to enter:

– Send me an email ( by Midnight on Friday, May 29th with the correct answers to the following questions.  Those that have the correct answers will go into a random drawing for the contest.  Only one entry per person, please.  The winner will be notified via email on Saturday, May 30th.  Please include your name and mailing address along with your entry.  In the Subject line of your email, please insert ‘Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 Contest Entry’.  Hint:  All of the answers to the following questions can be found in some way on or via a link on this site.  

1)  In what month/year was my first short story, ‘Gnomus’ published? 

2)  Who are the three main characters in my novel, Night School?

3)  Who is my favorite horror author?

4)  What is the ‘place’ in the opening scene in the Night School Book Trailer? (two words)

5)  What is the title of my 5th grade short story that will appear in my short story collection?


That’s it.  Good Luck!


The Spring Issue of Calliope – A Writer’s Workshop By Mail, which contains on interview of me has been released.

There are two ways to read the interview.

1)  Subscribe to the magazine (or obtain a sample copy), via the following way:

1 year/4 issues, $16. Foreign memberships add $5. Sample copy, $5. Make checks payable to Writers’ SIG (U.S. funds only), send to:

Cynthia Sabelhaus

5975 W. Western Way PMB 116Y

Tucson, AZ 85713


2)  Or you can click here to read it online.

As a FYI, some of the answers in the interview are a little outdated as it was done several months ago.


Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 – Now Available!



Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 which contains my short story, ‘The 7th House’ is now available to order.

About ‘The 7th House’ :

A couple visits a traveling haunted house to see the attractions. At the end of a somewhat boring night, the owner of the attraction asks them to visit the 7th House, which is by invite only. The couple accepts the offer.

What started as a simple visit to a haunted house ends with a decision that one of them will never forget.


The cover price of the 40 page (‘The 7th House’ is 5,800 words or 4 pages) magazine is $9.99.  Shipping (within the U.S.) $3.50 first copy, $1.99 per additional copy.  International shipping rates are $6.99 for the first copy and $2.99 per additional copy.

You can order the magazine via one of the following ways.

For copies send a money order, check*, or well concealed cash to:

Darkness Productions

129 W. Hickman Street

Winchester, KY  40391

or send a PayPal payment to PayPal ID:

*Will not ship until check has cleared (international-send international money order, not check)  Make checks payable to Jason Mullen.  Jason is the editor at the magazine.  So, if you are ordering via mail, it may not be a bad idea to send a money order to speed the process along.

Remember if ordering by check, money order or PayPal to insert a note with payment that you would like Sinister Tales 4.2.  Oh, don’t forget to include your name and mailing address with the note if via regular mail.


Need something to quench that ‘Thirst’?


I have some news to share with you all about an upcoming short story that is being published, but until I receive all the details, I’m keepin’ it on the down-low.

Until then…

If you still haven’t bought Werewolf Magazine #9, which contains my short story, ‘Thirst’ I figured I would give you a little taste with the beginning of the story, below.


Rodney’s dull rotted teeth pierced the cold leathery skin on Becky Smithshire’s shoulder.  She did not scream, instead she just lay on the pile of dirt that Rodney had placed her down upon.

Sinking his teeth deeper into Becky’s flesh a cold yellow liquid came spurting out of the wound and swirled in Rodney’s mouth.  It tasted of ethyl alcohol and methanol.  He liked the taste so much that after coming up for air and swallowing he bent down to take another drink.  It tasted just as good as the first.

After about thirty minutes of draining Becky’s body of the bitter fluid, Rodney stood up and brushed the loose soil from his raggedy old jeans.  Licking his lips, he reached down and picked up the shovel that he had brought with him.  Walking away from the body and through the wrought iron gate that surrounded the grounds he came to his shopping cart, threw the items on top of a pile of clothes, aluminum cans and various other odds and ends and started down the street.  The squeaking sound of the cart’s tires and the euphoric images that raced by Rodney’s eyes were the only things that broke the dead silence of the night…


If you like what you read and want to read the whole story (along with some other great ones), click here to order a copy of Werewolf Mag #9 (remember to indicate ‘#9’ on the order form).

You can read a full list of my Published/Upcoming Works (no, the one I mentioned above isn’t there yet) by clicking here.

Werewolf Magazine #9 – Now Available!

Werewolf Magazine #9, published by Sapphire Publications (Blood Moon Rising Magazine), which contains my short story, ‘Thirst’ is now available for purchase.  You can go straight to the order form on their site by clicking here.  The cost is only $5.00.  After you print the order form, make sure to indicate how many you want and the Issue #, which is #9.

And a BIG Thank You to Jaime Ortiz of Trippy Tease Productions, for the cool werewolf graphic, above.

As a reminder, if you would like Night School or Werewolf Mag #9, signed (if you are unable to make it to a book signing), click here to find out how to go about it.