Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 – Now Available!



Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 which contains my short story, ‘The 7th House’ is now available to order.

About ‘The 7th House’ :

A couple visits a traveling haunted house to see the attractions. At the end of a somewhat boring night, the owner of the attraction asks them to visit the 7th House, which is by invite only. The couple accepts the offer.

What started as a simple visit to a haunted house ends with a decision that one of them will never forget.


The cover price of the 40 page (‘The 7th House’ is 5,800 words or 4 pages) magazine is $9.99.  Shipping (within the U.S.) $3.50 first copy, $1.99 per additional copy.  International shipping rates are $6.99 for the first copy and $2.99 per additional copy.

You can order the magazine via one of the following ways.

For copies send a money order, check*, or well concealed cash to:

Darkness Productions

129 W. Hickman Street

Winchester, KY  40391

or send a PayPal payment to PayPal ID:

*Will not ship until check has cleared (international-send international money order, not check)  Make checks payable to Jason Mullen.  Jason is the editor at the magazine.  So, if you are ordering via mail, it may not be a bad idea to send a money order to speed the process along.

Remember if ordering by check, money order or PayPal to insert a note with payment that you would like Sinister Tales 4.2.  Oh, don’t forget to include your name and mailing address with the note if via regular mail.



One thought on “Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2 – Now Available!

  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog.

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