Need something to quench that ‘Thirst’?


I have some news to share with you all about an upcoming short story that is being published, but until I receive all the details, I’m keepin’ it on the down-low.

Until then…

If you still haven’t bought Werewolf Magazine #9, which contains my short story, ‘Thirst’ I figured I would give you a little taste with the beginning of the story, below.


Rodney’s dull rotted teeth pierced the cold leathery skin on Becky Smithshire’s shoulder.  She did not scream, instead she just lay on the pile of dirt that Rodney had placed her down upon.

Sinking his teeth deeper into Becky’s flesh a cold yellow liquid came spurting out of the wound and swirled in Rodney’s mouth.  It tasted of ethyl alcohol and methanol.  He liked the taste so much that after coming up for air and swallowing he bent down to take another drink.  It tasted just as good as the first.

After about thirty minutes of draining Becky’s body of the bitter fluid, Rodney stood up and brushed the loose soil from his raggedy old jeans.  Licking his lips, he reached down and picked up the shovel that he had brought with him.  Walking away from the body and through the wrought iron gate that surrounded the grounds he came to his shopping cart, threw the items on top of a pile of clothes, aluminum cans and various other odds and ends and started down the street.  The squeaking sound of the cart’s tires and the euphoric images that raced by Rodney’s eyes were the only things that broke the dead silence of the night…


If you like what you read and want to read the whole story (along with some other great ones), click here to order a copy of Werewolf Mag #9 (remember to indicate ‘#9’ on the order form).

You can read a full list of my Published/Upcoming Works (no, the one I mentioned above isn’t there yet) by clicking here.


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