Werewolf Magazine #9 – Now Available!

Werewolf Magazine #9, published by Sapphire Publications (Blood Moon Rising Magazine), which contains my short story, ‘Thirst’ is now available for purchase.  You can go straight to the order form on their site by clicking here.  The cost is only $5.00.  After you print the order form, make sure to indicate how many you want and the Issue #, which is #9.

And a BIG Thank You to Jaime Ortiz of Trippy Tease Productions, for the cool werewolf graphic, above.

As a reminder, if you would like Night School or Werewolf Mag #9, signed (if you are unable to make it to a book signing), click here to find out how to go about it.


Macabre Friday

First, I would like to say that I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy New Years! 

From the work I did at the end of 2008, this year should be pretty exciting.  As you know, I have many interviews lined up, book signings, conventions I will be attending, etc.  Last week, I also submitted quite a few new short stories to various magazines for them to review and decide if they wish to publish.  As I did last year, I will be making 2, 3 and sometimes even 4 posts each week with news, events, etc.  So, I hope you enjoyed your 2008 and look forward to the beginning of another new year…here’s to you!  Thank you for all your support in 2008 and beyond.

Below is this week’s edition of…Macabre Friday…enjoy!

On Saddam anniversary, Iraq readies macabre museum

Six of the Most Offbeat News Stories of 2008

Blind Man Regains Sight After Doctors Implant Son’s Tooth In His Eye

Strange but true

As a side note, I heard from the publishers of Werewolf Magazine, who will be including my short story, ‘Thirst’ in this month’s issue.  It should be available for purchase in the next few weeks.  Once I know for sure, I’ll provide a link for you to check it out and buy it if you want it.

And remember, if you haven’t picked up Night School yet and wish to do so, you can always click here to find out where to purchase it.

Oh, one last thing…a book trailer for Night School is coming soon…(but that’s all I’m tellin’ ya about it right now)

Finale of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read the final part of my Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind.’ 

Also, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Bookstore to order a copy of my novel, Night School.

Available for Purchase: Night School

At long last, your opportunity to purchase my novel, Night School is here. 


It is available in Tradeback/Paperback (6×9) and can be ordered at:

Barnes & Noble


You can also access the above links in the Bookstore.

If you haven’t yet read what Night School is about, click here.

A side note on the ‘release date’ that I previously mentioned.  The release date of 1/17/09, means that it will be available at all the book distributors and online retailers by that date.  But, of course, it is available now at the ones above.  So, if you order now, your copy will be shipped now and not in January.  By all intensive purposes, the book has already been released and can now be ordered by anyone; bookstores, the public, etc.

If you do decide to order a copy, feel free to drop me a line here and let me know.  Also, don’t forget to check out the FAQs to learn how you can get your copy signed by me after you receive it.

Sticker Shock you say?!  Yeah, well, what can I say…I didn’t set the price…if I had my way, it would be free for everyone.  Ok, well, maybe not.

Part 7, of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read Part 7, of my weekly installment of the Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind’  It can also be accessed by clicking the appropriate page to your right.

As a reminder, there is only one part remaining after this one.  Since Thanksgiving is upon us, it will be posted next week on Wednesday (11/26) instead of Friday.


As a side note, I was contacted this morning by another (website) to do an interview.  The interview will take place mid-December and be posted to the website around the date of Night School’s release on 1/17/09!  Once I have done the interview and it is available, I will let you know where to go to read it!  Hint:  It is a site that is under my Links.

Part 6, of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read Part 6, of my weekly installment of the Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind’     It can also be accessed by clicking the appropriate page to your right. 

As a side note, there are only two parts remaining after this week, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to read what has been posted so far, now is the time to do it.  The End is coming…

Part 4, Free Serialized Short Story

So, I have to apologize for not keeping up with posts this week.  Things have been a little hectic in and out of my ‘day job.’  In any event, I thought I would give you another part to ‘Jacob’s Mind’ a day early because of this.  You can check it out under ‘Free Serialized Short Story’ to your right.  I hope you enjoy!

Part 3, Free Serialized Short Story & an update

Check out Part 3 of the Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind’ posted to your right.  Enjoy!

I just learned that my short story, ‘Thirst’ that I told you about before, will not be coming out late 2008.  Instead, Issue #9 of Werewolf Magazine, which will feature the story will be published in January 2009.  I’ll still let you know when it is available and where to purchase it.

Part 2, Free Serialized Short Story & Some More Thank You’s

For today, you will find Part 2 of the Free Serialized Short Story, I began last Friday.  I hope you enjoy it and keep checking back each week for more parts to the story, ‘Jacob’s Mind.’  You can access the story by clicking on the appropriate link to your right.

Also, I would like to take this time to thank the websites Crypt Crawl and Horror.net for doing shout outs for my work and website.  You can visit the sites by clicking their names, above.