The Fields

I’m pleased to announce that The Zombie Feed, an Imprint of Apex Publications, has picked up my zombie novella, The Fields.

A little on me writing about zombies…

This is my first zombie story and I’m very pleased how it came out.  In fact, I think this might be the most insightful, deeply rooted and perhaps the best written tale I’ve ever done.  The truth of the matter is; I’ve always wanted to write about zombies, but didn’t want to just rehash what’s been done a hundred times before.  I wanted something different or I wasn’t going to write about the undead at all.  So, when Jason Sizemore at Apex told me about his new Imprint, The Zombie Feed, and the fact that we’d been trying to figure out something for me to write for him for quite some time, the timing seemed perfect…and away I went to write a 25k story that is based in the middle 1800s, right after slavery ended, about a young farmer that is trying to do the right thing and take care of the land that belonged to his father – his now dead father – a land owner that would mistreat (which is putting it mildly) the slaves he owned.  This is not your run-of-the-mill zombie story. Oh no.  This one touches on racism, a son’s love that’s mixed with a hatred for his still-dead father, the son dealing with a stranger that wanders onto the plantation one morning and…well, I guess I better not give anything else away or it might spoil the fun that I’m positive you’ll have while reading it.    

The Fields is slated for publication during the 1stQ 2011.  It will be released in Trade Paperback and more than likely in ebook format.


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