An Update on Releases

I figured it was time for an update on what I have coming out between next month and 2012 (I say, 2012, as I don’t have any releases after that, at least not as of right now).  Below you will find novellas, collections, anthologies and a short-short story.  Not included in the list are 3 books that will definitely come out before the end of 2012 and 2, well, 2 that I’m still shopping around (these two – a monster novel and an occult novella – were actually written before I made the switch from writing and blindly submitting everywhere to having a signed contract first – which, if I might add, is a hell of a lot better if you can pull it off).  I can’t mention the 3 that aren’t included in the list, but are scheduled for release, because there is still some business stuff to be worked out first (but, boy, oh boy, will you be glad I kept you in suspense).  Anyway, here is the list.



Dinin’ (tentative title), Bad Moon Books, Early 2012.

Taxi Ride (tentative title), Severed Press, Early 3rdQ 2011. 

The Fields, The Zombie Feed (Imprint of Apex Publications), 1st Q 2011.

Last Night Out, part of Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn (a 3-novella collection by Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison & Myself), Wicked East Press, February 2011.



On Dark, Lonely Nights (short story collection), Wicked East Press, Late 2011/Early 2012.

For After Midnight (short story collection), Dark Quest Books, December 2010.



Relics & Remains (Editor), TBA, March 2011.

Fell Beasts (Editor), Dark Quest Books, December 2010.


Short Stories

‘Urban Monsoon’, Cup of Joe, Coffee House Flash Fiction (Anthology), December 2010.


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