Kindle Editions

The following anthologies I’m Editor on and a few that contain my short-short stories are now available via Kindle.  You can click on each title to view and/or purchase the Ebook.

Fem Fangs, Edited by Ty Schwamberger

Dark Things II, Edited by Ty Schwamberger

Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction, which contains my short story, ‘Future Fall-of-Famer’.

Daily Flashes of Erotica 2011, which contains my short story, ‘Hunger’.


5 thoughts on “Kindle Editions

  1. aww don’t worry…u just keep busy with the writing and keep us all happy, lol.xx

  2. No problem, Suzanne. Which reminds me – I still owe you a book. Huh, guess I better get on it. Been a tad busy as of late. 🙂

  3. it wont let me order the kindle editions cos it keeps sayin my amazon account is registered to the uk and then directs me to the uk site where i can’t find daily flashes of erotica 2011…boo hooooo! am cryin and sulkin now.xx

  4. Excellent – I have been a Kindle fan since all of last week so these will be going in my collection. thanks for the info.x

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