Relics & Remains – Cover Art


Relics & Remains, Edited by Ty Schwamberger

Featuring Stories by:  John Everson, Adam P. Lewis, Tim Deal, Deborah LeBlanc, Steven Shrewsbury, Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison, Sheldon Higdon, Maurice Broaddus, Wrath James White, Mike Oliveri, Dora Machado, Michael Laimo and Jeff Strand.

Back Cover:

People have always been fascinated about the past.  Some even going to great lengths to uncover what’s taken place long ago.  But sometimes when people venture into locations that aren’t suitable for the living, bad things can happen.

That’s when these self-proclaimed explorers start to unearth strange looking, ancient artifacts and the cursed remains of the once-living.

They think they’re going to be rich and famous.

But, that might just be the furthest from the truth.

To them, taking that risk is what it’s all about…until things start to go wrong.

So, for those of you that are into ‘finding’ strange things, here’s some words of advice…

Proceed with caution when digging up someone else’s Relics & Remains.

Cover Art by Thomas A. Erb.

Coming this March from Ambrotos Press.


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