Release Updates (and a few teasers)

Just wanted to bring you up to speed with some release dates over the next few months.  Unless noted below, everything is still on schedule.  Oh, there’s also some additional news after the updates.

Fell Beasts – Is currently at the Printer, available now for Pre-Order (shipping by month end) and you’ll be able to purchase in both Trade Paperback and Ebook by 2/28.

The Fields – My zombie novella will be coming out in late March instead of this month.  (wait till you see the blurbs for this bad boy!)

For After Midnight  – My first short story collection will be sent to the Printer on 2/25.  Available in Trade Paperback on 3/24 and Ebook on 3/31.

Relics & Remains  (Ambrotos Press) – I am currently editing the stories, the cover art is complete and will be sending to Dark Quest (parent company of AP) during the next week.  Originally scheduled for a March release, this will now be sent to the Printer on 4/29, with a release date of 5/27.  This may seem like a long way off for an originally scheduled 1Q release, but the wait till definitely be worth it.

I should also have at least 3 new announcements for future books in the coming month.  All novellas; one will be a non-traditional werewolf tale, a coming-of-age occult story (remember me talking about this one?) and another zombie novella.  All will have release dates during the next 2 years.  There are also some additional things in the works, but I can’t quite say anything about those yet.

As I’ve said for the past few months…

Stay tuned.  This is only the beginning.


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