7 for 7

What’s this mean?

Starting today and each week thereafter I’ll be posting a blurb for my forthcoming novella, The Fields, coming from The Zombie Feed, an Imprint of Apex Publications.

7 for 7.

7 blurbs for 7 weeks.  Which should end right in time for Pre-Orders to begin.

So, let’s get going.

Starting now!

“Ty Schwamberger knocks it out of the park with his novella, THE FIELDS. No sooner do you begin to read, than you realize that the story is much bigger than the words on the page. The setting is timeless, and the horror depicted much more than ghoul and gore. THE FIELDS is a story you don’t want to miss, and Ty Schwamberger is an author to watch, for he just may be headed for the major leagues.” 

— Deborah LeBlanc, Author of The Wolven


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