What’s Going On…

I know it’s been quiet here the past week, but rest assured things are still happening behind the scenes.  Lots of things.  Below is what’s currently going on.

–    Finished editing and turned in a 10k story for a yet-to-be-announced anthology

–    Currently doing edits on DININ’  – my novella that’s set to come out early next year from Bad Moon Books

–    (Here is yet another teaser) Continuing to work with a certain UK publisher on a multi-book deal (I promise the announcement will come soon)

–    Currently in talks with a small film production company about them optioning a story of mine

–    Will be offering up the second book for the 3rd Annual Richard Laymon Book Contest in the next few weeks (but this time it will only be for members of my fan page on Facebook – the link is to your right)

–    Mid-July I will start writing, Taxi Ride, my post-apocalyptic novella for Severed Press that’s due out at the end of this year

–    My zombie novella, The Fields, is now set to come out late this summer from The Zombie Feed, an imprint of Apex Publications

As you can see, just because it’s been relatively quiet on here doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.  Hold onto your seats and start saving your pennies now cause it’s going to get wild very very soon.


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