House Call — Movie Trailer

You can now check out the trailer to House Call. More details coming soon.


Dead Souls by Michael Laimo

On his 18th birthday, Johnny Petrie learns he was adopted when he inherits a farm in Maine, abandoned for the 18 years since his natural family died at the hands of his father, the local preacher. Eager for a new life, he leaves home to start over in his new dwelling. However, as he digs into his past, he soon uncovers the horrifying details of his father’s questionable teachings. In a frightening revelation, he also learns that his return has revived decades-old forces trapped in the home and sets in motion a heart-stopping finale to a ritual that already claimed the lives of his family.

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House Call — Synopsis & More Photos

Below is the synopsis and some more photos from production over this weekend.


Mariam thought it was going to be a weekend of relaxation. She had her little brother to take care of, but knew that wouldn’t be a problem. That all changed when Vince got sick and Mariam had no other choice but to call the family doctor to make a house call.

John and Nick decide it’s a perfect night to burglarize a house. They stake out the place and are delighted to find the only people inside are two kids – an easy in-and-out job.

Or so they thought.

What ensues is a battle between the kids that are home alone and the two bad men.

Little do any of them know someone else plans to make a house call of their own.

Filming Continues

The cast & crew taking a break from filming.
Parrish Randall & Kyle ChiMaven Evans
Bill DuBois & Kristofer Smith
Kristofer Smith
Chelsea Turchek & Kristofer Smith
Alison Esparza & Roger Dunn

Filming Starts On House Call

Almost a year ago to the day, I announced that Texas based Little Oak Film Group, had optioned the rights to my still-unpublished novella. Now, a year later, filming has started on House Call. Below are a few photos of production over the weekend. Additional details, including more photos, a full cast of characters and the movie poster, will be posted shortly.

Rachel Paul, Vincent Galyean, Joe Grisaffi and Parrish Randall
Traci Galyean and Troy Reynolds
Vincent Galyean
Rachel Paul and Parrish Randall
Rachel Paul and Vincent Galyean

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