A Warped 6th Grade Mind

A Warped 6th Grade Mind

A Warped 6th Grade Mind

From the Introduction:
I penned the stories contained in this mini-collection while in 6th grade during 1988-89. I’ve taken them right out of the old notebook they were in and typed them “as is” into Word. Let me repeat two words: AS IS. These haven’t been edited in any way. That would have taken away from the whole purpose of this eBook by editing or re-writing them.

So what’s the reason for this tome, you ask? Well, it’s the result of being asked the same question over and over again in multiple interviews about when I started writing, namely horror. Here you have it: in 6th grade. This is as raw as it gets – in grammar, storytelling, syntax, everything. And when I say “everything”, I mean everything! Even the cover of this eBook came from the same notebook I wrote in while in 6th grade. As you can see, I wasn’t a very good artist of any sort back then (insert wide grin here).

The other reason I put together this mini-collection is for parents. What I mean by that is; there are many parents today that might get freaked out by their children writing sick tales. I’m a prime example of what can become of those twisted teenage thoughts – a career in writing. Since that crude beginning, I’ve gone on to pen or edit over ten books.

Which AIN’T too shabby.

‘Cause everyone has to start somewhere.

This is where I did.

Hope you come along for the journey.

This 2,700 word mini-collection contains the following short-short stories:

The Woods
The Dangerous Mission
The Shark
The Door
A Stroll Down Terror Lane
No Way Out
The Creek
The Footprints
Wait Till Dark
The Cave (a poem)
Being A Sixth Grader (non-fiction)
Who I Am (non-fiction)

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