March Plug #11 — Joshua Lisec


The Phoenix Reich by Joshua Lisec


When underachieving college student Max Meyers learns that the death of his father, a popular United States Senator, has been prematurely ruled a suicide, he sets out on a mission to learn the truth—a mission that leads him to uncover an international conspiracy dating back to the final days of Nazi Germany.
Author Joshua Lisec’s title, “The Phoenix Reich,” seizes readers’ imaginations through a tangible combination of contemporary action coupled with mysterious archival revelations found in Nazi history. As a source of suspense and intrigue, “The Phoenix Reich” results in an electrifying adventure. Lisec’s novel transports readers to the front seat of action through well-crafted characters who simultaneously appear both familiar and enigmatic; all of which is delivered in tightly woven narrative.
Joshua Lisec is a novelist and freelance writer from Dayton, Ohio. Inspired by his love for the classic action-adventure novel, Joshua decided at age seventeen to embark on an adventure of his own—to write the first epic tale of a young hero whose story would be nothing less than terribly wonderful. Three years later, The Phoenix Reich was born. You can learn more on his website.

You can Pre-Order the Trade Paperback here.


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