Roy Robbins and DININ
Roy Robbins, owner of Bad Moon Books, holding the Hardcover proof of DININ’

The Signed Limited Hardcover of DININ’ went on pre-order several months ago.

DININ_sig pages1
The signature pages of DININ’

It 90% sold out during the pre-order period. Of course, since then, the Trade Paperback and eBook also went on sale. 

Now is your chance to snag one of those few remaining Hardcover copies.

Visit Bad Moon Books today and place your order. Being my first ever Hardcover these are sure to become collector items.

If you forgot or didn’t see them; below are what folks said about this 25k word novella.

“Gruesome revenge tale with seriously icky moments! Like a written version of “I Spit On Your Grave”, but with a weird edge to it!”

– Morpheus Tales Magazine

“Ty Schwamberger’s new novella DININ’ is a truly terrifying tale of three college girls who make a stop at a roadside diner for a quick bite, and make the mistake of skipping out on their bill. What follows is an original take on those tales told in Road Rage and Joyride, with the terror multiplied by ten. Add in some very fine writing, and you have a horror story that even the most seasoned horror readers will have trouble clearing from their minds. DININ’ is one great story from a new, talented voice in the world of horror fiction.”

 – Michael Laimo, author of Sleepwalker and Return to Darkness

“Ty Schwamberger never fails to serve up the shocks and DININ’ is no exception.  In it he pits an array of well-drawn characters against an action-packed buffet of butchery, savageness, and graphic mishap.  Readers beware, DININ’ is not the safest menu choice for the timid-hearted.”

– Shroud Magazine

“Ty Schwamberger effectively conjures a fun Richard Laymon-esque atmosphere in DININ’.  The terror starts early in this one and rarely lets up.”

– Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind, Depraved and Highways

Go get yourself some ultra-brutal fun!


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