Re-Vamped — Now Available!

Cover Model: Candice Wright

Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge, edited by Ty Schwamberger & Adam Lewis is now available for Kindle.


Though people have been exploring the legend of the vampire for hundreds of years, the female vampire has been largely overlooked…until now.Neophyte Press proudly presents Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge, a collection of short stories focused on fanged girls of the night with a taste for human blood and a penchant for power, seduction and terror.

Find your favorite turtleneck and sink your teeth into this monster of a collection. You’re in store for some long, dark nights filled with beautiful, hungry creatures. But don’t cry when you find yourself with two perfectly round puncture wounds on your neck…

‘Cause you’ve been warned.

Table of Contents

Extraction by Gill O’Teen
Mellifluous by Matt Becht
Undead Ladies Who Lunch by Jennifer Chambers
Players by Emma Kathryn
The Price of Immortality by Indy McDaniel
Sentinel Event by Karin Becht
Comedy Night by Mark Rivett
Chosen Quarry by Dean Harrison
Summer Schwartz Versus the Middle School Vampire by David Perlmutter
Smoke Woman by S. Hutson Blount
I Just Need to Draw a Little Blood by F.J.R. Titchenell
Deidre’s Folly by Scott M. Sandridge
Consumed by Richard Bist
Getting Fixed by Martha J. Allard
That’s Why the Lady is a Vamp by Iain Pattison
High Stakes by Kelly Metz
Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Darin Kennedy
Evergreen by Debbie Phillips Smith
Night of the Suck by Jennifer L. Barnes

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