Deep Dark Woods — Now on Amazon (US)!

Deep Dark Woods_promo book

While the official release date isn’t until June 27th, Amazon (US) has already made the Trade Paperback (digital edition available upon release) of Deep Dark Woods available for purchase. This monster of a novel comes in at over 400 pages! You can order your copy via the links, below.

Available in Trade Paperback:

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK) (Pre-Order)

Publisher (Pre-Order)


5 thoughts on “Deep Dark Woods — Now on Amazon (US)!

  1. Hi, Alex. Thanks for the note and kind words. I’ve actually written quite a few articles over the years regarding the horror genre. In fact, if you go to you’ll find an article, as well as two short stories available for free in both English and Romanian.

    I’m sure we can work something out regarding a copy. Shoot me an email to and we’ll figure it out.


  2. My name’s Alex Szollo, I’m 23 years old, I live in Timisoara, Romania, and I’m an avid reader. I’ve been able to read ever since I was 3 and a half, which I owe to my mom, who taught me the letters at a young age to kick my Cerebral Palsy in the nuts. I’ve read all kinds of books throughout my life, from fantasy to historical and religious fiction, and, yes, horror, which is one of my top genres. Paradoxically, I don’t really do horror films, because I have this weird belief that the feeling of fear is much more subtly perverse if it’s conveyed through words on a page On the screen, the mind has to work a little less, in my view, it just has to get over the gory scenes in front of the eyes of the viewer, and there’s one scene going on after another, until the movie ends. With a book, the plot thickens, so to speak. If a scene is well-written, the reader feels the unnerving impulse to return to it, to flip the pages back and experience it once again(personal experience here!).

    To me, Bigfoot is an utterly fascinating creature. Why? Because it’s a quintessentially American monster, about which I’ve heard there are actually Native-American myths, and it’s a creature that an increasing number of people claimed to have seen it. What I know for certain is that if I saw one, I’d probably be scared shitless.

    I know you’ve got a new book out, called DEEP DARK WOODS, featuring my favorite monster, and I’d love to read it. However, it’s not available in Romania, and I can’t order it online as I have no credit card. I come to you with a request that you may treat however you see fit. Even a “go fuck yourself” will be treated as an honor!

    The only way I could “pay” for a copy is a review on my all-genre blog, where I discuss books that have somehow struck a chord. Your “monster-on-the-loose” theme is something that was running through my head as a kid, and I think I’d try exploring it if I ever thought of attempting to write any horror fiction. So if I sent you my address and promised a review on my blog, could you send me a signed copy of DEEP DARK WOODS?

    ANY answer will do!

    Best wishes,

    Alex Szollo, avid reader and Bigfoot buff

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