The Halloween Hero — Optioned for Film

Horney Little Devil Prod

I am pleased to announce that Brianna Stoddard with Horney Little Devil Productions has optioned my short story “The Halloween Hero” for film development. “The Halloween Hero” was originally published in my collection For After Midnight in 2011. It was then made available as a single-download via Kindle in October 2012.

The Halloween Hero_cover

The Halloween Hero is a 5,200 word story centering around a little boy named Billy. Billy’s parents aren’t the best to be around, so he spends most of his time staring out his bedroom window and dreaming of a better life. His favorite time to look out on the world are during the hours he’s supposed to be in bed.

It’s during one of these late night watching sessions, Billy sees “something” lurking in the shadows. After much trepidation, he decides to go outside and investigate.

Where his worst nightmare comes to life.

You can still download this short story to your Kindle via Amazon.

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