Updates & Upcoming

Below is a rundown of what’s taken place as of late and what to look out for during the remainder of 2015 and into 2016.


  • My atypical werewolf novella Grave Intentions went out of print a few months ago.
  • Three books went out of print in May: The Killing Club, Last Night Out and Deep Dark Woods.
  • The audio book edition of DININ’ should be released mid to late June.
  • June/July will see the release of my short story collection, Escaping Lucidity. This will be released in Trade Paperback and eBook editions by Ravenswood Publishing and contain a special introduction by John R. Little.
  • Later this year will see the re-release of my critically acclaimed atypical zombie novella, The Fields. It will still contain the Introduction by Jonathan Maberry that was in the original edition by Apex Publications in 2011. The new edition will be released in Trade Hardcover, then soon after in Trade Paperback and eBook editions by SST Publications and contain a new Foreword by Joe McKinney and an Afterword by me telling the history behind the book. This new edition will also have a new wraparound cover and new interior illustrations. This one is going to be a beauty!
  • Late this year will see the release of the audio book edition of Escaping Lucidity by Cup O’ Tea Productions.
  • (Last week I also received word from a publisher who will be picking up and re-releasing The Killing Club, however I can’t tell you more, as I have yet to receive, sign and return the contract.)


  • A Special 5 Year Anniversary Edition of Last Night Out will be released in Trade Paperback and eBook editions by Ravenswood Publishing and contain a new Introduction by Gene O’Neill. Release Date, TBA.
  • Grave Intentions will be re-released in Trade Paperback and eBook editions by Ravenswood Publishing and contain new Forewords by Ray Garton & James A. Moore. Release Date, TBA.
  • An anthology titled, Cadence in Decay, will be released in Trade Paperback and eBook editions by Ravenswood Publishing. I will be the Editor on this project. Be on the lookout soon for the cover art, as well as the list of contributors. I guarantee you’re going to love this one. Release Date, TBA.
  • (I’m also working on one or two other potential projects for 2016, possibly 2017. More on those when/if things develop as I believe they should.)

That’s all the news I have for now. The remainder of 2015 and 2016 should bring some exciting re-releases and new books.

And remember…

The End is the New Beginning.


New Interview

I recently sat down with my good friend and fellow author David Owain Hughes to answer some interview questions for Horror Geeks Magazine.

You can read the interview here. Enjoy.

The Killing Club — Going Out-of-Print

The Killing Club_ebook cover

The Killing Club, for whatever reason, is my most overlooked work. This 25k word novella was published exclusively in digital format in June 2013 by Crossroads Press. It will now be going Out-of-Print on Sunday, May 17th. So, you only have a few days if you would like to download this novella to your Kindle or Nook.


Kristen always wanted to be part of the “in crowd.” Her social worries intensified after transferring from a small, public school to private, upscale Smithshire Academy in the middle of her high school career. She wanted so badly to be part of the social network in her new school, she didn’t think twice when one of the existing members of the popular girl’s group, The K-Club, invited her over one night for a sleepover. Where all the girls whose names started with the letter “K” are going to be. Kristen’s self-doubt allows her to be pulled into the group on one condition…

She must first go through the initiation process that the other girls have set forth before her.

What ensues is a group of popular high school girls practicing in the occult, Kristen going over to a stranger’s house to “scare” them and sacrifices to secure Kristen’s spot in high school legend.

Will all Kristen’s work be enough to appease the girls of The Killing Club and the great God of high school popularity to let her into the group?

The extent of blood that Kristen wishes to get on her hands will hold the answer.

You can still watch the original book trailer on YouTube.

Available in eBook:

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)