Website Hits, Free Stuff & News

With this website having over 2,400 hits in a little under three months (which isn’t too bad), I think it’s silly that only 50-some people (hint hint) have posted a question or comment on this page.  Why post a question or comment, you ask?  Click here to find out why it may benefit you to do so.

Speaking of Free Stuff, how about some Free Bookmarks of Night School?  If you want some, click here to learn how to request them.

And if you want something to put that Free Bookmark in, visit the Bookstore to buy the book.

In other news, I was recently contacted by a local (alternative) newspaper here in Cleveland, Ohio.  Though, I am not going to give the name of the paper until all the details have been ironed out (hint: you can find them in those metal boxes on street corners) I will tell you that they have invited me and Night School to be featured in their Feb. 4, 2009 issue.  More to come…


Free Bookmarks (sorta)

How would you like some FREE bookmarks of Night School?  (pictured below)

All you have to do is Contact me and let me know your name and address.  I will then mail you 5 bookmarks.  In the subject line of your email, please insert ‘Free Bookmarks.’

There is one catch…

When you receive them, you keep one of them but have to distribute the other 4 to help me promote Night School.  This can be done by placing them in similar books you get from the library, slip them in a book at the bookstore, mail with your monthly bills, etc.

If interested, let me know, as this is a limited time offer.  Also, if you would like me to mail you some flyers to distribute around where you live, let me know that in your email, as well.

As a side note, if you already have a copy of the book and would like me to sign it, click here to find out how to go about it.

If you still need to buy a copy of Night School, click here.