A Word From Shadetree Films

The following is from Warren Provencal with Shadetree Films:

Rounder has been previously made into a short film and has done rather well on its own.  If you picked up the collaborative effort between myself and Ty Schwamberger, Cake Batter, then you have seen the short film (or will Soon as you receive it in the mail).

Now I have the completed script!
I have assembled a crew!
We are ready to get the show on the road!

Please do what you can and spread the word.  Remember, whatever you can do will help!
If I do not reach the goal then this project will not get the funding it deserves.

(Note:  if it does not reach the goal you will not be charged).

There is a rewards system built in so you can get back a little something for every level you can afford.
It’s a great way to support independent filmmaking and it gives back to you as well.

Please follow this link and give what you can.  Check back periodically to see how it’s going. 


Please remember to spread the word!
Can’t wait to get this started!

Thank you all,

Warren Provencal
Shadetree Films


Film Showing/Book Signing – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’ll be at JR Clarke Public Library in Covington (near Dayton), Ohio, from 11:00 – 2:00.  My short film, Cake Batter, will be shown at 11:00 and followed by the actual book signing at 11:30 – 2:00.  A quantity of 25 copies of my novel and 15 DVDs will be available for purchase.  Each will be sold at $15.00.  You can also bring in your own copy of my novel, magazine, etc, for me to sign as well.  Night School bookmarks will be given away for free.  You can read the official Press Release here.

Should be a fun event.  Stop by and say hello if you’re in the area (and possibly a few drinks and laughs later that night)!

Update on Cake Batter

I was recently informed by Warren Provencal of Shadetree Films that the male role for the film adaptation of my short story ‘Cake Batter’ has fallen through.  In addition, one of the settings isn’t as concrete any longer either.  So, if you are in the Akron/Cleveland (Ohio) area (or anywhere if you’re willing to drive) and are interested in being cast as a male role or have a house (only in the Akron/Cleveland area) that Warren could use, feel free to hit him up at shadetreefilms@att.net with an appropriate subject line.

Below is some more information on the two items.

Samuel Guthwright; early 30’s finance professional.. Husband to Mary Guthwright; he is a hard workingman with loads of potential. He is moving up in the company but with is comes the long nights at work. The situation is weighing in heavy with Mary. He is confident he is next in line for promotion and digs in deep making every workday count.

Looking for an open layout that can accommodate lighting and long (distant) shots. Hopefully some where on a quiet street so when we shoot the end there will be very little traffic.