March Plug #3 — Dean Harrison


These Unquiet Bones by Dean Harrison


Trying to get behind the truth of her mother’s death, Amy Snow unleashes the skeletons lurking in the dark of her father’s closet, and learns a terrible, twisted truth about her family tree. Meanwhile, a man named Adam is on a mission to restore Paradise to its former glory. To accomplish this, he must find “The Lost One”, a girl he calls Eve, and sacrifice her to the god she betrayed the day a talking serpent slithered into the Garden of Eden.


“Dean Harrison’s These Unquiet Bones takes the reader on a unique and well-crafted roller coaster ride of horror and suspense. You won’t be able to put this one down until you’ve finished it. His characters are as creepy as any I have read in a long time. Keep your eye on this writer; this book is unforgettable.” ~T. M. Wright

“Dean Harrison takes the reader on one helluva ride from the first blood-soaked page to the last in These Unquiet Bones. Get ready… ‘cause Paradise isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be! Harrison is definitely a true up-and-comer in the genre!” ~Ty Schwamberger, author of The Fields, DININ’ and Last Night Out

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Dean Harrison is a longtime fan of horror fiction. Though he’s spent time in the “real world” working as a shoe salesman, a security guard, an investigator, a loss prevention detective and a journalist, he’s consistently returned to what he loves doing most—writing horror stories. His published work can be found in the anthologies FEM-FANGS, FELL BEASTS, RELICS & REMAINS, CHRISTMAS IN HELL and TWISTED TALES FROM THE TORCHLIGHT INN. More is to come. He lives with his family in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, a city rich in ghost stories. You can learn more on his website.

You can pick up the Trade Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon.


March Plug #2 — Vincenzo Bilof


Necropolis Now: Zombie Ascension by Vincenzo Bilof


Detroit has become a war zone. Slow, shambling corpses feast upon the living while fire consumes the city. Amparo Vega, a haunted mercenary, fights through streets that are choked with the dead. Her mission: extract the legendary soldier, Jim Traverse, who holds the terrifying secret behind the zombie epidemic. While the bullets fly, Traverse befriends a group of survivors whose fates are forever linked to his: an infamous arms dealer, a young lawyer, and a former detective struggle against the zombies together.  Can Vega’s elite cadre of mercenaries find Traverse before the epidemic becomes global?  

Includes an introduction by Mark Tufo, author of the Zombie Fallout series.


“The moral high ground is shattered in this teeth gritting apocalyptic thrill ride. Necropolis is a drop to the bottom with just enough time to surface for air. Highly recommended.” ~P. A. Douglas, author of Epidemic of the Undead

“A violent femme fatale mercenary, a burning city and a war hero – when Bilof does zombies, he does ’em good. Another slick, fast-moving zombie thriller, with an edge which might just cut you if you don’t turn the pages ever so carefully…” ~Sean T. Page, author of Meta-Horde


From Detroit, Michigan, Vincenzo Bilof is the recipient of SNM Horror Magazine’s Literary Achievement award in 2011. Vincenzo is the author of the zombie novels “Nightmare of the Dead” and “Necropolis Now,” the first book in the Zombie Ascension series. Both are available from Severed Press.

When he’s not chasing his kids around the house or watching bad horror films, he reads and reviews horror fiction. His current writing project includes the new serial, “Japanese Werewolf Apocalypse;” the first episode is available from Severed Press.

You can learn more about Bilof on his website.

You can purchase the Trade Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

March Plug #1 — Joseph Mulak


Haunted Whispers by Joseph Mulak


A university student doing a thesis on fear takes his research too far…A man learns he’s next in line to be the Grim Reaper, but doesn’t want to give up his life…An angel forces a man to relive his worst memory…A former Nazi hiding in Canada is haunted by more than just his past…A couple haunted by an unspeakable act committed with the best intentions, with dire consequences. People haunted by whispers of the past, trying to forget and move on. No matter how hard they try, how far they run, it waits for them. And just when they think they’re safe, the whispers begin again…


Joseph Mulak is the author of several short stories which have appeared in such anthologies as Masters of Horror: The Anthology, Dark Things II and Death Be Not Proud. Most of these have been reprinted in his new collection, Haunted Whispers. He is currently working on a collection of two novellas entitled Angel Dust and a young adult fantasy, Serena’s Lullaby. He currently lives in North Bay, Ontario with his four children and can be contacted through his website.

You can purchase the Trade Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon.

March is Plug Month

I’ve said this many times in the past during interviews and to aspiring authors — I never had a mentor when I started writing in early 2008. Hell, I still don’t. I think the closest I’ve ever come to one, and sadly he passed away before I got to talk to or meet him, is Richard Laymon. In fact, when I go back and re-read A Writer’s Tale, I can almost feel him speaking directly to me. That’s pretty damn cool. 

I think the hardest thing for a being a beginning writer; besides learning how to write well, getting published, the business side of writing, etc, is how to market and promote yourself and your work. Sure, you can set up a website, blog, post on message boards and the like, but how does someone pull in a potential fan to purchase and read a new book by an unknown writer? That’s a damn good question. But, believe me, that problem isn’t only geared towards beginners. Even mid-level authors experience that problem. That’s why I’m offering up my site during the month of March for new and established authors.

So how does this work, you ask?

If you’re interested in having a guest post on my site; email me a jpg of your book cover (up to two), a short synopsis, a bio, your website link, where to purchase the book, etc, to I’ll then reply and let you know the date (unless you specify) when your info will appear on the site.

Good Luck!

Last Night Out — Kindle Edition

Last Night Out_cover

The Kindle edition of Last Night Out (Author’s Preferred Edition) is now available to order from UK publisher Crowded Quarantine Publications. It contains the bonus short story, “Bartender, Please”. Below is the description of this 138 page novella.

Gabe, Alan and Erin thought one last night out on the town before their junior year of college came to an end would be fitting. The three friends did the same as always – they went to a bar. Only this time they decided to try someplace new: The Torchlight Inn. They are eager to make it a night to remember.

During their time at the shabby bar they come face to face with seedy bar patrons, a biker gang and one strange-acting bartender named T-Bone. But all is well until Alan and Erin mysteriously disappear and Gabe has to try and find his friends before being forced to pay their bar tab.

Little do any of them know the secret the place holds beneath its cracked floorboards…

Where a whole new kind of horror is waiting for them.

Available in Trade Paperback:

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Waterstones (UK)

Available for eBook:

Amazon (Kindle – US)

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Looking For A Great Voice…

As you know, For After Midnight (my first short story collection) is currently available for Kindle. I should have some news in the next day or two about the Trade Paperback edition going on sale, as well. Before that happens, I’m doing a little experiment to try and get the collection produced as an audio book. So, if you have a great voice and/or have always thought it’d be cool to narrate a story, click here to learn more.

Video Blog V

You can now check out Video Blog V on my YouTube page. In this video blog, I read the beginning paragraph to each story contained in my new short story collection, For After Midnight, published by Naked Snake Press.

Click here to check out the video, then here to order the eBook for your Kindle. The Trade Paperback edition should be available sometime this week.


For After Midnight – Now Available in eBook!

For After Midnight is now available in eBook for only $2.99 via Kindle, Nook & various digital formats on Smashwords. That’s a helluva deal –under three bones for over 80,000+ words of terror. Below is the Table of Contents.

In The Woods

Urban Monsoon


The 7th House


Rebirth: The Rise of Pharaoh Masika

Web Blog

Spare Rib Soup

Cake Batter

Future Hall-of-Famer

The Ringmaster


The Halloween Hero

The Legend of Johnston’s Creek

Liquid Courage

Jacob’s Mind

One Brew Too Many?

All in the Line of Duty (bonus novelette)

But, before you go order a copy, click HERE to check out the book trailer. The Trade Paperback edition will be available for purchase early next week from Naked Snake Press.