What’s going on, Part Deux

As the time approaches when I will be able to tell you where to ‘pre-order’ Night School, I thought I would give you another update to what is currently going on.

1)  Arranged a book signing for mid-2009.  There will of course be others before then, but I have to wait until all the book distributors have the book in stock, so that the bookstores can order them for events.  I will of course keep you posted on these, under Appearances/News, to your right.

2)  I was asked by another magazine, today, for an interview.  Once I have done the interview and know exactly which issue of the magazine it will appear in, I will let you know.

3)  A new excerpt of Night School is now posted under Freebies.  Go check it out!

Other than those things, I have been keeping busy today with continuing to write the short story about a Mummy, I mentioned in my previous post. 

Also, remember the second to last part of ‘Jacob’s Mind’ (Free Serialized Short Story) will be posted tomorrow.


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