Night School (Knife) Project – Part II, the newspaper interview & an annoucement

If you have been following, The Beginning and Part I of the Night School Knife Project, click here for the next few steps, which are posted on the JDB Knives message board.

If you are interested in checking out the interview I did with the Piqua Daily Call that I mentioned, you can visit the paper’s website to read the article.

In addition, I wanted to make the annoucement that I have begun my next project. 

As many of you know, right before Night School was accepted for publication, I was 20,000 words into a new manuscript.  Though, once I knew Night School was going to be published, I put the ‘novel-in-progress’ on hold to concentrate on promotion and marketing activities. 

Now that Night School is off to a running start, I can finally begin working on something else.  Well, ‘begin working’ might not be entirely accurate. 

What I decided to do this time around, instead of continuing with a novel, I am going to do a ‘short story collection.’  This collection will be about 200 pages long (about 50,000 words) and will include three previously published stories, as well as, nine or ten new and original ones.  Of these stories that are new and have not been published before, I only have two or three to write, before reaching my page count goal.

As of last week, I received word from my publisher, that whenever I would like to send in the manuscript, they will be ready to review it.

I suspect I should be able to accomplish this in the next month.  Which would mean a mid to late 2009 release date on the book.  As always, I’ll keep you posted.



One thought on “Night School (Knife) Project – Part II, the newspaper interview & an annoucement

  1. Ty: Just wanted to congratulate you on your publication. I have purchased it for the library. I am now the director of the J. R. Clarke Public Library and I wanted to have a copy on our shelves. I have not read it since it has been out since it arrived, but I will read it when the demand has faded. I plan to put something in our newsletter about you and your book. I thought I could use some of the info from the PDC article. If you have anything special you would like for me to write about please let me know. If you are ever in Covington again, please stop by and sign our copy of your book.

    Give my regards to your parents and Susie.

    Good luck on future publications.

    Marjorie Mutzner

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