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If you have been waiting to order Night School till a bookstore had a sale, now is your chance. is now taking three bucks off the cover price.  So order now!

As always, you can read (and hear) a few different excerpts of the book by clicking here.

To view a full list of where Night School is currently available, visit the Storefront.  While you’re there, check out the Night School T-shirt and Werewolf Magazine #9, which contains my short story, ‘Thirst.’

As a reminder, you can read (online) my short stories, ‘Gnomus’ and ‘Jacob’s Mind’ by visiting the links on the Published/Upcoming Works page, as well as, a few book reviews I have written and various interviews I have done.


One thought on “Sale on

  1. My mom bought it for me as a Christmas present. She said she got it on amazon. I will double check and if different will repost. Otherwise, good luck! I hope you get the data you are in search of!!

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