The Gentle Art of Collaboration by Brian Keene

If you’re a horror fan but haven’t yet checked out any of Brian Keene’s work, you’re missing out.  His books are mysterious, fast-paced, have good characters and great scenes.  You’ll have a heck of a ride reading his work.  You can check out his website, here.

I mention this because Brian often has a line of posts on his website dealing with ‘advice for writers’ which are always informative and sometimes just downright funny.  One of his posts, entitled, ‘The Gentle Art of Collaboration’ was something that caught my attention when it was originally posted back in October 2008 and I think will continue to apply for anyone that is trying to break into the writing scene, no matter what genre you’re writing in.  You can read the post yourself, by clicking here.

You may be asking yourself, ‘why are you posting something such as this?’  The answer is quite simple.  Adam P. Lewis, Justin Jones (both horror authors) and I recently agreed to start working on a novel-length book together.  The ‘theme’ of the book is not decided as of yet, but it will revolve around a central idea or theme and will be written with three different perspectives, via three novellas, one by each of us, contained in the same book.  This is something none of us have ever done before, but we’re excited about the opportunity and continue to throw around ideas on what the book will be about.  As more information is available, I’ll make sure to let you know.


One thought on “The Gentle Art of Collaboration by Brian Keene

  1. I am trying something similar. The person I am working with has such a different style of writing–but he’s a master of pace. He loves darkness and I love the light in the same way–a refuge, I suppose.

    We are each characters in each others writings. This has been really fun. I look forward to his chapters and vice versa.
    Keep us up on this.

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