Save a few bucks…

If you’ve been wanting to pick up Night School for awhile, but have been waiting till it goes on sale, now is your chance.

Amazon is now giving customers that order the book 10% off the cover price.  If you want to buy it through Amazon, click here.

Having said that, for some reason Night School seems to be selling really well on the Barnes & Noble (the Sales Rank was down to 150K at one point – which is pretty good considering the million or so books you can order through their site) website, but not as good on Amazon.  So, just in case you’re a faithful of B & N, you can always purchase the book there, by clicking here.

As always, if you would like to read Excerpts or watch the Night School – Book Trailer, you can do that, as well, before picking up a copy.


Oh, don’t forget the current contest that’s going on right now.  Read the Richard Laymon Book Contest rules and enter today!


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